Shadow Program

What is it?

This is 2 or 4 week program where you will personally Shadow Nelson day in and day out and learn the ins and outs of the industry. This is program is for anyone looking to start their own Dog Training or Dog Daycare business and want a hands on experience on how to get started.
You will learn to train the basics of ON and Off leash obedience or the fundamentals of running a successful structured daycare.
You will sit down with Nelson and go over your business plan and get his advice based on experience on how to take your business to the next level.

*** Room and board can be arranged for an extra fee***

2 Week Shadow Program


3 Week Shadow Program


4 Week Shadow Program


"I recently completed a two week shadow program with Nelson and the team at the Happy K-9. I could not be more pleased with the results. First, it was an absolute pleasure to work with someone who is truly a leader, not only of dogs, but also of people. I came from the corporate world with a lot of people who claimed to have leadership skills, but they pale in comparison to what I saw in Nelson. With both dogs and people, he is clear in his communication, nurturing in his environment, and precise with instructions.

Nelson did not simply tell me what to do, he showed the benefits of methods and programs through demonstration. For example, when I first arrived, I did not want to offer board and train programs. After the first week, I saw the advantages and how these programs provide a much more complete service than simple one on one lessons. We also reviewed my pricing and the new programs offer a better service to the owners and a better return for me (my weekly revenues double when doing B&T). His advice and encouragement boosted my confidence and left me feeling empowered. Empowered to turn away clients who are not a fit, empowered to teach a dog how to problem solve, and empowered to understand my challenges and conquer them.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, Nelson is good natured, kind, and fun. I thought I would be drained by the two weeks, but in fact, I am more energized than ever. The long days flew by and I thoroughly enjoyed the working environment he laid out for his students and team. Working with Nelson has already changed my business for the better and I am so excited to continue on my journey, with my new tools, courtesy of Nelson Mendoza and the Happy K-9 team."

Lisa Bonk

Woodstock, NY