Real World Dog Training

Services and Pricing

All dogs respond to a balanced training program no matter what the breed, age, or previous history. Dog Breed is not an excuse for bad behavior! If you have heard this from other trainers, it could be an excuse for their bad training system.

One Session


Day Training


Obedience/Puppy Foundation 101


7 Sessions

2x – 3x / week

Board & Train 99% OFF-Leash recall:

(Must have completed our ON-Leash/Day Training Program, 101’s or Day Training program)

1 Week - $1,850

2 Week - $2,675

3 Week - $4,250

4 Week - $5,250

5 Week - $5,975

Board & Train Behavior Modification

2 Week - $2,945

3 Week - $4,450

4 Week - $5,450

5 Week - $6,250

6 Week - $6,895

7 Week - $7,775

Board & Train ON-Leash intense obedience

2 Week - $3,100

3 Week - $4,125

4 Week - $5,245


What you get from an Intense Obedience Board & Train package is a dog that might know some obedience or might not and totally transforms to a calm and obedient dog. You will be able to control your dog not just 5 feet away from you but 500 feet away from you. We do not use treats to bribe them to listen to us but the complete opposite, we make it so that dogs will WANT to listen to you but not for food but out of respect. Naturally dogs are bred to work and follow, some more than others but having them in a command is work for dogs and you can eliminate any future unwanted behaviors especially anxiety.
Since dogs are bread to follow that can only happen if there is someone to follow and we help bring that leader inside out of you that your dog is dying to follow. We make it so that listening to a command gets much more rewards than blowing us off and being just bratty, pushy and all that monkey business.
The type of training we do is called “REAL WORD DOG TRAINING”, different from any type of dog training out there but we train in real world scenarios with real world distractions. We do not just teach a dog to sit/stay in your home with no distractions but once we teach them what it means to sit and stay we take them to downtown and make them sit and stay with hundreds of people, dogs, bikes, etc, walking by. There is no point in training your dog to listen to you only when you have food, or for a reward, or with no distractions because as soon as you step outside, in the real world, all that training goes out the window. We do not just train the dog but we spend 2-3 sessions afterwards transferring all the training and information to your household so that you can continue the training and enjoy the new lifestyle.
Your dog will learn in our intense obedience package:
  • Sit/stay
  • Down/stay
  • Place
  • Recall
  • How to wait at thresholds
  • How to walk/run calmly on leash
  • How to wait for food
  • Proper socialization with dogs
  • Proper socialization with humans
  • Duration & distraction sit/stay
  • Duration & distraction down/stay
  • Duration & distraction place
  • Off leash sit/stay
  • Off leash down/stay
  • Off leash place
  • Off leash recall

9 Week - $9,200

10 Week - $12,000


We are Proactive in two things; training your dog good behaviors & correcting/interrupting your dog’s bad behaviors. It is important to understand that dogs cannot just be rewarded for doing things right, they need to also be corrected for doing things that can cause harm to themselves, the public, your family or other dogs. Keep in mind that our Board and Train Program will give you an incredible head start on training, eliminate bad behaviors and train great behaviors. We help dogs make better choices than they have in the past. Once the dog returns home, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that all of the training be continued daily by you & all members of the family in contact with your dog. Dogs need constant reminders about what the right choices are or they will choose to make their own decisions. This is why the most important component is the in home training after the Board & Train Program on my property is complete. Remember, if you don’t stop a behavior, you will train a behavior-good or bad. Those that are experiencing dog aggression, human aggression, resource guarding, food aggression, crate aggression, fear aggression, dominant aggression, separation anxiety, excessive barking, growling and lunging on walks and much much more.


What your will get from our Off Leash Recall program is a dog that will not only listen to you off leash 5 feet away from you but off leash across a field 500 yards away from you. Dogs will not only come 50%, 75%, or even 90% of the time but 100% of the time. We make it so that you can give the dog information and have the ability to communicate with them from a greater distance. Now you cannot control your dog 500 yards away with food, or when they are playing with dogs or in wildlife but with our program we make it so that no matter what they listen when called and get 10x the reward and praise when they do. You are not just paying for dog training but your investing in having an amazing dog that you can now control no matter the distraction. This package is ideal for those who like to go hiking, likes to take their dog to a field with no fences, get there dog to come back to them at the dog park, etc.