• Vaccinations: Proof of current vaccinations for rabies, distemper and kennel cough must be provided prior to boarding.
  • Food is to be supplied by Pet Owner and staff is to be informed if pet requires a special diet.
  • Medicine will be administered as prescribed
  • All dogs must complete one of our training programs. This is how we are able to maintain structure and keep everyone safe.

Friendly Dog Boarding

During the day they will join our friendly dog daycare. They will have access to our 35,000 sq/ft outdoor fenced in yard and 4,000 sq/ft indoor facility. Nap time  is between 12pm-1pm and all dogs are crated at night with 24/7 supervision.
If we are at capacity we may outsource to other facilities we are partnered with.

$75/night (Major Holiday Boarding $85-95/night)

$85/night non-daycare dogs (Major Holiday Boarding $95-105/night)


If your dog has people, dog, food, toy aggression then you are most likely in need of a team of people that deal with these type of dogs on a daily basis. 

Due to our strict safety protocols and attention to body language we are able to cater to some of the most aggressive dogs out there.

$75-$95/night (Major Holiday Boarding $115/night)

$85-$105/night non-daycare dogs (Major Holiday Boarding $120/night)

2 Weeks + Boarding

Call our front office for any questions or concerns.